Monday, February 2, 2009

Workout Training for this week 2/2-2/7

Mon- Atheletic Training, 60 min **missed**
Tues- Strength Training, 60 min and Jump Rope, 30 min
Wed- Total Body Workout w/ Leg Targeting, 45min
Thur- Rest Day
Fri- Total Body Workout w/ Back Targeting, 45 min and Elliptical 45 min
Sat- Total Body Workout w/ Leg Targeting, 45 min and Elliptical 45 min
Sun- Jump Rope 30 min and Elliptical 30 min


awundrin said...

Hi Todoni,
Hi. I came across your site and I have a couple that are related and want to see if you will do a link/blogroll exchange with me-it will benefit us both.
Mine: Title: Banana Nutrition Title: Workout Without Weights Guide

If you agree, to keep it simple, just go ahead and add my links to your page-email me your details and I will reciprocate within 24 yours.
Thanks Todoni and I hope to hear back from you,

Lewis N. Clark said...

Well, the almanac is predicting a very cold winter, so I wonder what is in store for Kansas this year? Since my kiddo and I moved here from Florida in 2011, we still aren't used to this cold! I never quite thought what it would mean for a cattle ranch.