Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Breakfast Options

So it's either oatmeal w/ fruits or pancakes topped w/ fruits and sugar free breakfast syrup that I have for breakfast. I teaked my pancake recepie and now it is just perfect. it is used to be a bit stiff now it is moist and delectable.

I'm Back Again!

Hello guys! it is good to be back. I was extremely busy these past few months and I could not wait to be back blogging. I must say that I am getting better w/my make-up, I finally got the eyebrows thing down and now I am playing around w/ eyeshadows. On these pics I have on my eyes Maybelline Eyewear trio in Golden heart. I did not like the brow highlight from it so I used my M.A.C brow highlight in Maple. I am still looking for lipstick/lipgloss that will go great w/ my lips, here I have on M.A.C BBQ lip pencil, What a Do! lipstick and Beaux lipglass.
It's good to be back!