Saturday, October 11, 2008

Who is She? Melissa Hall

I love fitness and I am a self-proclaimed fitness buff.

One of my fav resources for fitness and nutrition is the magazine Oxygen. I love everything about it, especially the part with the cover model. Melissa Hall is one of those cover model, she is Ms. Bikini Universe, a top national fitness competitor, beauty pageant title holder(Mrs. United States), 7 time magazine cover feature, and contributing fitness writer. You can check her out @

She is one of my many inspirations who has it together: hair, body, skin and the list goes on.


Traycee said...

Oh wow...I will be back there one day...She is truly an inspiration

justme said...

i love that magazine. i like looking in the back where it shows the "real" people. thats back when i was hardcore years ago. i am probably going to start back up in the mid of novemeber. i think i am ready to step it up

Anonymous said...

I love Oxygen too. Trips me out how often they recycle the cover models though. Surely there have to be more than 10 fit women in the world because I swear everybody shows up twice every few years LOL.

The other black cover model that I remember Alicia Marie (she has a column in there) trains in Atlanta! I swear one day I'm going to buy some sessions with her just to pick her brains.