Monday, October 27, 2008

Per Request: My Cocktail Rings Collection

I love rings, the bigger the better. I shop around for them and the place I like to go get them is OFF 5th Avenue, the oulet of Saks 5th Avenue. I adore Kenneth Jay Lane's rings, I have 2 KJL rings and they do not come cheap. I used to work @ Kape Spade (love Kate Spade) and they sell KJL rings and bought them 50% off! I also like Betsey Jonhson's rings but the one that I have breaks easily: the white flower petals broke off. I was so irritated about it that I went back to Macys( where I got it) and receive a sale adjument: I got 5% of the ring price back, I still wanted the ring ;) I always get compliments when I wear my rings
**excuse the state of my nails, they are damaged I try to stay away from mani for a while to nuture them back to health**

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Ambrosia said...

cocktale/large rings are great conversation starters (: