Sunday, October 26, 2008

I am too skinny ?!

I befriended this guy who works at my gym (front desk) so whenever I see him I would say hello and chit chat a bit. Today as I was approaching the entrance of the gym I saw him outside, he was on a smoking break. So as I was approching he saw me and said " you are too skninny". I replied with a smile "I am too skinny?" he answered yes and followed to greet me, I did the same and went on to work out.

I am 5'11, 155lb and have a slender shape. (Keisha Cole's body type but taller) As far as I can remember I was always tall and considered skinny in my African culture. People would always said that I was too skinny and I became self conscious about it and proceeded to gain weight. I was overweight and not happy, and people started to say that I was fat. What do people want?!

I stopped listening to whatever people had to say on the subject and started to listen to my body. I am happy where I am now with my body and would never go back to being overweight/skinny just because it fits a certain image.

When people give comments like this one, I don't take it personally, I just smile or laugh. Some men are attracted to different type of body types and I was not the body type that he was attracted to. So I disregarded his comment.


Ambrosia said...

I am glad that you've learned to make yourself happy. One thing we cant do is please every single being on earth. Since we are our own worse critic, we don't have to take bad criticism from others.

justme said...

you dont sound too skinny. i am glad that you are happy with yourself! i am proud of you!