Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I had the opportunity to go to a make-up seminar hosted by the one and only EnKore of EnKoreMakeUp onYoutube. He is such a great person and a fabulous make-up artist! I had so much fun learning tricks and tips from him. I am a newbie at this make-up thing (that I enjoy so much now) and I was so happy when he complimented me on my make-up! Someone even asked me if I were a make-up artist! I really like a natural look w/ nice colors to enhance the look. I even bought some make-up from MAC which were are discounted prices, I had so much fun. I will def share the tips that I learned from him with you.


Madame said...

omg ... I love his vids ... he's so fab!

justme said...

awesome, now start giving us some lessons. LOL

Adam said...

I also grade you that you are excellent in fashion look and you have nice color combination understanding.You have good choice of fitness clothing.