Thursday, November 13, 2008

My Hair: 12 Week Post

I am 12 week post and do not feel like texlaxing my hair yet. I want to wait until mid December and see how I feel again about my new growth which I love the texture of to the point that I think of transitioning to natural. However it will all depend on my long stretch. My ends are not looking good and I plan on getting a trim or mini chop in Dec or Jan.
**Pics were taken a few days apart**


justme said...

12 weeks post and you can part it! yall ladies amaze me when yall do that. let us know how it goes if you decide to transition. i go back and forth with that decision but i dont think i ultimately want to, at least not right now

Naturally Beautiful said...

Hey! Check out my blog I have hairstyling tips and natural hair advice. You can also see my hair growth.

Journey To Naturality said...

Congrats! Your hair looks great!