Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Stanford Dish Trail

The Stanford Dish Trail gets its name from the fact that a radio telescope (hence the Dish) is the most prominent landmark on this trail. The Dish, 150 feet in diameter, scans the sky, gathering data on distant galaxies. It is a special area to both Stanford University and the surrounding communities, and it serves many purposes and one of them happens to be recreational. The Dish is a popular recreational area for hiking and jogging and is open to the public from sunrise to sunset throughout the year.

So last sunday I went hiking there, I must say that it was great. This trail is hilly and I ran up the hills on one occasion. The following day, my legs were very sore! Talk about a leg workout! I can't wait to go there again next sunday. So sundays will be an active rest day from my trainings/workouts.
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