Sunday, August 24, 2008

Hair Challenge from Healthy Textures: My Hair

So there is a new challenge over at Deep Conditioning/No Trimming challenge. Participants must commit to deep conditioning and not trimming their hair for 12 weeks (September 1st to December 1st) An overview of the challenge can be read @

Here is my starter picture. I love deep conditioning and I am so delighted that there is such a challenge going on! I will make sure to post the after picture revealing the outcome of the challenge.


justme said...

what do you do if you notice split ends? do you go a year and just let them get worse?

i cant wait to see your progress. good luck and keep us updated on all the products you bought

Larissa said...

hum malin hein!!!!
Your hair is growing and getting thicker.

todoni said...

Merci Larissa! J'ai commence a ajouter l'huile de castor dans my deep conditioner, castor helps to thicken the hair.

Justme- thank you, as for the split ends I deal w/ them accordingly. I baggy my ends: saturate then with a moisturizer then seal them w/ coconut oil and cover them w/ a plastic cap. I do this everyday for hours.
I read Cathy Howse's Ultra Black Hair Growth II book, she said that "trimming the hair is a maintenance step for appereance purposes only. Poor hair maintenance causes split ends. Often, once you stop doing so many damaging things to it(excessive heat, over-processing, brushing) split ends will be kept to a minimum." I do believe her statement to be true.It is a personal challenge of mine to keep my slipt ends to a minimum. Hope I was not too long and that it help:)

n_vizion said...

Sounds like a great challenge! Make sure to keep an eye on your ends during the process to make sure they remain healthy. I can't wait to see the progress.